Could you elaborate on this?
Jesse Palmer

Thanks for the question, Jesse :)

In terms of stats, StackOverflow is one of the largest annual dev surveys and you’ll see React getting 66% under “Most Loved” vs. Angular’s 51%, making React the most loved framework/tech there is. Some predict you’ll see Vue.js high on that list next year, but we’ll see.

The story behind the stats is simply that Angular2 was too little too late, as it took far too long to complete, allowing React to swoop in and take dominance over Angular 1’s weaknesses. Then you have a ton of companies on React throughout 2017 with no interest in completely switching over to Angular2 without enough reason to. Vue is in a similar boat now with Angular2, although Vue is insanely easy to learn and pick up in comparison to Angular2.

Is Angular2 out of the game? Not necessarily as it’s actually a good framework, but purely in terms of popularity, React is on top for now.