Vacation Bot: The bot that schedules your OOO status on Slack

We at X-Team just released a new bot that we’ve found super useful in our team. It’s called Vacation Bot — the simplest, all-you-really-need bot for handling vacation reminders.

The Challenge: We’re forgetful.

One of the challenges we’ve always had is someone will randomly mention:

“Hey everyone, just a heads up, I’m going on vacation on June 2–4.”

And then we all completely forget, including the person going on vacation who never sets their Slack status to OOO.

And so you end up with messages that get ignored for days and you don’t know why.

The only available options for bots like this are all paid apps.

The Solution: A bot that listens for you to talk about vacation

So we created Vacation Bot to listen for users to mention anything about OOO, vacation, holiday, etc.

VacationBot messages you after you mention something like OOO, vacation or holiday.

Vacation Bot then schedules to change their status to OOO for them on the day they leave.

VacationBot sets your Slack status to OOO so anyone trying to message you knows.

It even changes your status back to normal once your vacation ends.

And if you’d like, it can also ping your team to remind them you’re OOO on the day you leave.

For forgetful people like me who can’t remember when people said they were going on vacation, it’s an essential bot.

You can install Vacation Bot for your team here.

— Have a feature idea? We’d love to hear it, just leave it below in the comments :)

Ryan Chartrand is the CEO of X-Team, a global team of motivated remote developers who can join your team and start executing today.

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