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Continuing on from my previous article about how to choose your first cosplay, this time I’ll be talking about things you’ll want to think about when choosing a cosplay for a parade. This is a very different environment from a convention as you wont be able to sit down, you’ll be doing lots of walking and you’ll be outside the entire time. As a result, there are some extra things you should think about compared to a convention cosplay to ensure that you have a fun and comfortable time.

London Gaymers recently confirmed that we will be marching in the Pride in London parade again this July, and like last year we are hoping to get as many people cosplaying during it as we can. To help the people that have never cosplayed before I’ve decided to start writing articles helping them get those costumes ready for the parade or whatever con they have their eye on (maybe MCM London in May which London Gaymers will also be at *wink*).

In my experience, choosing your first cosplay is often the trickiest bit as you want to choose a character…

Ryan Chatha

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