How to Wax Your Surfboard

Summer’s almost here and surf’s up. It’s so close you can hear the waves, but is your board ready? There are a few things you have to do before you grab your board and head for the shore. Preparing your surfboard is extremely important, but don’t fear my friend, it’s easy. You’ll be hitting the waves before you know it.


If you’re using a brand new board, skip to the base coat section. If you are using an already owned or pre-owned board, follow this step. Before you get your board in the waves, make sure you clean off all of the old wax. To do this, you have a couple of options. If it’s a nice sunny day and the temperature is hot enough, leave your board in the sun to allow the wax to melt. You don’t want any old wax remaining on the board. If the weather isn’t in your favor but you want to prep your board, use a hair dryer to heat and melt the wax.

You’ll also want to use a putty knife or wax comb to scrape off any extra wax. You can use something like Chief Firewater to clean the surface before you move on to the next steps.


A base coat is a layer necessary to set the new wax. Although the top coat will wear off quickly, the base coat will stick until the next time you clean your board. The base coat also is what makes the top coat stick to the board. You never want to leave an area of your board without the base coat.

Applying this will be thick and not so easy to do. Make sure you press hard so the wax sticks to the board. To apply, you can rub the wax in circles, go up and down, criss cross or any other pattern that works for you. Once you see a bump-like pattern on your board, you know your base coat is complete.

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