It’s all about building the future!

This month we are taking a break from talking about new features and new APIs, to focus on existing and upcoming opportunities to build with APIs.

The Open Finance Appathon is now in full swing. We are challenging fintechs to create market-ready solutions across:

- Retail and SME Banking

- Payments

- Corporate Banking

- And Open Finance for Good

This is a unique opportunity to get extra support, attention and prizes to integrate with Finastra’s APIs. …

It’s here…dark mode!

As we continue to add more functionality to Finastra’s developer portal, we are also building some fun UX features! No developer portal is complete without a dark mode, so we’ve added one. To enable dark mode, log in and navigate to ‘user settings’ in the top right corner. There you will find the preference to enable dark mode.

At the end of July the Tech Allies Network completed the 3rd year of Summer Institute; a program designed to give university students an insight into how technology is used across multiple industries and gain practical industry skills.

Historically the program ran physically in London over 2–3 weeks but with COVID-19 that was not going to work this year. The Tech Allies Network committee decided to pivot to a completely virtual program and with that we decided to:

  • Open up the program to any university student in any country, on any course, any year
  • Condense the program down into 1…

Fans of machine learning suggest it as a possible solution for everything. From customer service to finding tumours, any industry in which big data can be easily accessed, analyzed and organized is ripe for bringing about new and compelling use cases. This is especially attractive for legacy organizations, such as financial services firms, looking to gain an advantage.

These businesses are usually well embedded in their markets, fighting with competitors over small margins and looking for new ways to innovate and drive efficiency. They also have an abundance of historical and contemporary data to exploit. One asset any start-up lacks…

The finance industry is a prime use case for machine learning, thanks to the abundant data sets, access to capital and strong incentive for efficiency and predicting future outcomes. While rule-based workflows are well embedded within the industry, many businesses are now turning to machine learning to automate the algorithm building process, especially when it comes to fintech.

As digital services become more widespread, financial organisations need to move beyond rule-based mechanisms and manual data analysis to ensure compliance, security and customer service. …

Test market app-etite

Want to assess market demand for your app? App Lab is our dedicated section on FusionStore to showcase apps undergoing development to our client base of 8,500 financial institutions. Where we see positive market traction and demand from financial institutions, we will work with you to help fast-track your integrations and app launch.

To take part in the program, here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Create a new development app in FusionStore

Login to FusionStore, go to ‘My Apps’ and click ‘Add App’. Select ‘Development app’ from the drop down of App Types.

Note, when…

Sometimes an idea is so good that everyone has it at once. One such idea is the ROSCA — a rotating savings and credit association — known as ekub in Ethiopia, cundinas in Mexico, tanomoshiko in Japan and dhukuti or dhikuti in Nepal. At a recent Finastra developer meetup we heard from Matthew Addison, CEO of StepLadder who has built a whole business on this concept, after writing his graduate thesis on the subject.

A form of peer-to-peer lending, the ROSCA relies on the idea of community — working with others to achieve financial goals, where the success of the…

New apps live!

This month we welcome 3 new fintech apps to FusionStore! Vector Risk is the first to go live using our new dataset capability, offering a compete FRTB solution for FusionOpics. For corporate banking we welcome and Floatbot to our ecosystem; offering conversational banking to corporates on mobile, web, WhatsApp and Skype.

As the platform continues to grow, more and more success stories of collaboration emerge. Felix Grevy, VP Product Management for, reflects on the highlights over the past year and the key initiatives coming up this year — read more here!

New Corporate Banking APIs

In 2001, Silicon Valley superinvestor Marc Andreessen declared that software was eating the world. Recent years have borne this out, with digital B2C tools shaping our travel, our eating and our love lives. Key to the appeal of these apps is ease of use, taking an existing experience and making it mobile, up to date and personalised.

This stands in contrast to traditional B2B software where functionality has been more important than usability. But the rise of B2C software has raised the bar, encouraging more developers to prioritise easy, even pleasurable experiences.

At a recent developer meetup, I met Katrin…

Data modelling & machine learning offers a tantalising possibility — that by gathering enough data inputs you can predict what will happen in the future based on current information. ML Models are commonly used in the context of business decisions, such as assessing investment outcomes or growth performance, where they can add significant value.

They’re rarely used in the realm of human experience for two main reasons. Firstly, humans are famously irrational and hard to predict using the few data points available. Secondly, the cost of traditional data modelling means that it only makes economic sense in a business context.

Ryan Clifford

Developer Relations Lead at Finastra | Brummell’s 30 Ones to Watch 2019. A techie interested in APIs, Ecosystems, Product & Human-Computer Interaction.

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