Case Study: BeautyQ

Mobile App

The Overview

BeautyQ is a tech startup attempting to algorithmically merge beauty users questions with professional advisors using their personal profiles and question subject — all in one central interface.

Working in conjunction with the research and development team, I was tasked with producing a mid-fidelity prototype.

The Approach

I was presented with a list of proposed features which were derived from their initial research. Taking all these proposed features, I quickly listed these down into a page flow to help me better understand their priority and possible position within the app.

feature list & page flow (omnigraffle)

Using OmniGraffle, I drafted together some of the main tasks flows the user may want to carry out, keeping their persona(s) in mind throughout.

Following the user flows, I then carried out some rough sketches of the main screens to get some ideas and feel for what the app may look like, testing with people internally and iterating accordingly.

Prototyping & User Testing

Next, I moved my sketches onto a digital clickable prototype using Adobe Experience Design. Having fished out multiple target demographic users via social media and personal links — this new tool allowed me to conduct remote user testing against their initial research assumptions with ease via an instant publishing live link.

clickable prototype (adobe experience design)


After a few iterations the product was ready to be produced in high-fidelity. Users feedback was very positive and great interest was expressed in the product when tested with little confusion to it’s navigation.

One area for future consideration that came up numerous times from feedback would be to include an article style feed written by professionals — giving incentive to those who wish to use the app but do not wish to ask any particular question.

Prototype link:

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