Not All Water Proof Phones are as They Seem

Epiphany of the day

So I’ve had the Samsung Active line of phones for a few years now, because they boast the ruggedness I need to take it on my many outdoor adventures. The main selling point that got me was it’s water proof ability. But let me stop. This was my mistake. It’s WATER RESISTANT not WATER PROOF. There’s a HUGE difference. Mainly, this title gives Samsung deniability when you send in your water damaged phone. They can reply saying “Sorry, warranty doesn’t cover water damage. Our phones are only water resistant. Water can still possibly get in.”

Great, now I’m SOL.

So now, 3 water damaged “Active” phones later, I can present to you a few things.

  1. Do take your phone underwater and get it wet. I’ve done that countless times with no consequence. But DO NOT press any hard buttons underwater! This will break the seal around the button and allow just that tiny bit of water in that will wreak havoc on your phone.
  2. Do not listen to music underwater. Yeah I know, why would you do something that stupid? Well, the first phone I broke I had a video playing underwater. I was overly confident in Samsung’s claims and I was showboating. Lesson learned so that you guys don’t have to. Anyway, I believe water gets in as the sound waves emit through the speakers. That small bit of suction when the speaker retracts after emitting sound is enough to let that tiny bit of water in that will wreak havoc on your phone.
  3. Do not submerge your phone in high water flow. Trying to take a picture inside a waterfall may sound like a good idea until you realize that the increased water flow pressure can force that tiny bit of water in that will wreak havoc on your phone.
  4. Do not go deeper than 1.5m. The water pressure at that depth is enough to cause your ears to pop, so it’ll be strong enough to let that tiny bit of water in to wreak havoc on your phone.

In conclusion, don’t get discouraged. Get a water resistant phone, because it is what it says it is. Just take extra precautions. If you aren’t going to be completely submerging it but will be taking it near the pool or beach, you should be fine. If you get pushed into the pool by that obnoxious frat bro friend of yours and you have your phone in your pocket, you should be fine. If you do plan on taking it with you underwater, take extra care and put it in a waterproof case for added protection and you should be fine. Finally, don’t depend on Samsung for help. You won’t get none.

(Note the emphasis on “should”, because I’m no expert, I just speak from experience)

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