10 Core Principles for Personal Growth in 2018

Ryan Crocombe
Jan 31, 2018 · 13 min read

1. Create More, Consume Less

My dead Facebook feed :D

2. Action + Consistency = Long-Term Growth

Ali killing it with 333k Instagram followers & a budding empire

3. Proactively Add Fuel to the Fire After Each Success

“He was a master of psychology and had an amazing ability to get motivated straight away when he won a big trophy… He was thinking about the next title the minute he got his hands on the trophy and that mentality ran through the club.”

Legend and role model for us all — Alex Ferguson

4. The 70% Rule: Forget Perfection. Target 70%, Get It Out There & Iterate

5. To Successfully Foster A Good Habit, Take It Seriously In All Aspects of Life, Not Just Here and There

My boy Richie doing morning stretches

6. Seek Out Experts Near You

One of Ruoqiong’s videos produced after a few months as an intern. Full video here

7. Give 100% to the person in front of you

Tolstoy wisdom

9. Better to live with disappointment than regret

10. Alignment Ikigai

Ikigai as portrayed by Marc Winn

Other concepts to explore in 2018:

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