How to Tweetstorm

Ryan Dawidjan
Nov 25, 2015 · 1 min read

When there is a singular observation, comment or conversation that spans multiple tweets (ie > 140 character constraint), you have a Tweetstorm on your hands.

A proper Tweetstorm prevents your thoughts from becoming scattered, hard to follow and lost amongst the sea of other tweets. It can be as simple as two connected tweets that share a common thought. It also serve as a follow up to a tweet you first had months ago.

The trick is to keep continuity amongst a single thread. The way to do this is as follows:

Simply reply to the previous tweet in the storm.

  • 1st tweet.
  • 2nd tweet. (reply directly to #1) ^
  • 3rd tweet. (reply directly to #2) ^
  • 4th tweet. (reply directly to #3) ^
  • and so on.

By doing this, your followers can now concisely see “the whole story” and can easily connect the dots.

Pro-tip: When sharing a Tweetstorm, always first share the first tweet so that way anyone trying to consume it can see the nested tweets in cascading fashion.

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