Sharing my personal experience as a freelancer, and the challenges I’ve faced with building friendships at work.

Me every time I hear he’s “just a contractor” at work.

Hi there, I’m Ryan; a freelance, self-employed web developer — which ultimately means I’m a company of one.

I recently stumbled upon the following tweet from a fellow freelancer that asked — How do you make long-term friends as freelancer?

This really hit home for me, as I can 100% relate with James. I’ve found the continuous job churn as a freelancer tends to create barriers when making friends at work. During my six years of self-employment I’ve struggled to have any work friendships endure past the contract term. …

Tis the season of giving — so starting December 1st, I will be releasing 12 snack size React posts over the month of December! Each post will cover a topic like HOCs, renderProps, unit tests, and more!

Learn React without all the distractions. This course will stick to the fundamentals, and guide you through the creation of your first app.

After months of writing, recording, and editing I have finally published my first online course — React for Beginners: Build and app, and learn the fundamentals.

The course is currently available on the following platforms:

Want to learn React? Check out my new course React for Beginners: Build and app, and learn the fundamentals.

I’m a developer, and I love what I do!

I have been doing this for 10+ years now, and a lot of things have changed since I dipped my toes into programming — Macromedia Flash anyone? Yep, programming for me started with stringing together MovieClips with sexy code like goToAndPlay(10)… let’s pour one out for ActionScript folks.🍾🍾

From there it’s been a freight train of new things year after year … from jQuery, Facebook Apps 🤢, HTML5, Backbone, Angular, and React. Let’s not forget a brief foray into Ruby on Rails, good ol’ PHP, Node.js, and the endless string of…

UPDATE: Since this article was published a lot has changed. The majority of the issues I had with TypeScript have been resolved, and it appears that TypeScript has pulled ahead as the tool of choice for JS type checking. I’m even moving my own projects from Flow to TypeScript.

I must admit when I first tried TypeScript on a project I was skeptical. After all this is JavaScript we’re talking about — what the hell do I need types for? …

Simplified usage, selector optimizations, plus more!

NOTE: This article is out of date as v 3.0 has been released, and now works without Redux by default. Please see the official docs or the official release announcement for details.

The original version of react-localize-redux was created based on some work I did on a client project, and although it worked fairly well I knew there was room for improvement. With v2 I was able to realize many of these improvements.

React Localize Redux is a collection of helpers for managing localized content in your React/Redux application. For full details on Installation, Usage, etc.. …

Ryan Johnson

fullstack web developer • JavaScript • React.js • AngularJS • Node.js

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