Sharing my personal experience as a freelancer, and the challenges I’ve faced with building friendships at work.

Me every time I hear he’s “just a contractor” at work.

Tis the season of giving — so starting December 1st, I will be releasing 12 snack size React posts over the month of December! Each post will cover a topic like HOCs, renderProps, unit tests, and more!

Learn React without all the distractions. This course will stick to the fundamentals, and guide you through the creation of your first app.

Want to learn React? Check out my new course React for Beginners: Build and app, and learn the fundamentals.

Simplified usage, selector optimizations, plus more!

NOTE: This article is out of date as v 3.0 has been released, and now works without Redux by default. Please see the official docs or the official release announcement for details.

Ryan Johnson

fullstack web developer • JavaScript • React.js • AngularJS • Node.js

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