Your Resistance Brain Stops You From Being Awesome (And How to Fight Back)
Thomas Oppong

To add another dimension to the barriers created by resistance: learning new skills. I taught adults for several years (first English as Foreign Language, then web design). The claws of resistance gripped onto the brains of many students, preventing them from integrating new concepts or skills. Their lizard/resistance brain would have a preexisting idea of what they thought the answer or idea should be, and when I presented a view that didn’t fit their existing model, they fought against it tooth and nail. It could be anything from a grammatical construct to a method for writing code. But the results were the same: I resist this new idea, and therefore my learning is inhibited.

This has been a guiding force in my own learning. After recognizing this tendency in others, I’ve become more aware of my own internal resistance to new ideas. When I hear that voice (often angry, or otherwise unnecessarily emotional) start to resist an idea/skill/approach, I try to calmly look past the voice. Thank it for its service in trying to keep me safe, but this time I’m going to step out on that ledge of learning and expanding my horizons.