Earlier tonight, at 5:27 p.m., I was at the Markman Pumpkin Patch with my wife and kids when I got the news: The grand jury returned four felony charges against Jake Gardner, including manslaughter (carrying up to 20 years’ imprisonment), for shooting and killing James Scurlock during Omaha’s May 30 BLM protests.

Listening to Special Prosecutor Fred Franklin’s press conference through earbuds while pushing a wheelbarrow, I fell to my knees, clapped my work-gloved hands, screamed a guttural “YEEEESSSS” through clenched teeth, and began to sob.

More than three months ago, I reported on the prolific evidence of Jake Gardner’s racism and its relevance to assessing his shaky self-defense claim. You all shared it several-thousand times, helping it reach nearly one-million people. …


Ryan Wilkins

Husband to Jenny, Dad to Poppy and Nina, biotech attorney, author of Realer Than Real, lover of Huskers and Cardinals, backwards-talker. (.ekoj oN)

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