Inconsistency: The Enemy of Success

Some principles are self-evident. However, it seems like many of these self-evident principles are often the most overlooked and under utilized. A good example of this would be the principle of consistency and its link to success.

As a writer, I have learned that working on a manuscript consistently — daily, in most cases — is the only way to bring it to completion. Not just bring it to completion, faster, but bring it to completion, period. If you’re inconsistent in writing, you lose momentum in the process, lose track of where you are in the story, and often forfeit great ideas.

Inconsistency is the enemy of success. You will never become great at something — anything, really — if you do not work at it on a regular basis. Greatness, and high success, require discipline and a fortitutde to press on, even when the feeling is not there. Greatness requires you to do it again, to improve on what you’ve already done, to try harder.


And again.

Showing up — or writing — every once in awhile, or only when you feel like it, will not lead to success. But, showing up regularly, consistently, every single day, will lead to success. Simply completing a writing project, for example, is success, and a necessary compontent of high success (such as becoming a bestselling author).

If inconsistency is the enemy of success, how do you defeat it? I believe you defeat inconsistncy in three ways:

  1. Have a vision of success. What would achieving your goal look like? What is the outcome you desire? If you’re writing a book, success would first look like holding a finished book in your hand. High success would be seeing your book on a bestseller’s list. If you cannot imagine what success looks like, you will fail to consistently pursue it. Have a vision of success and then move toward it daily.
  2. Remember the reward that lies ahead. You can do anything if you know there’s a great reward just beyond the sacrifice. If you’re writing a book, the reward that lies ahead is having your book read, perhaps by millions of people, and influencing their lives. It is the thrill of selling your work, and finding the freedom that becoming a successful author provides. You can make it through anything if you keep the reward that lies ahead in sight. This is a Biblical principle, illustrated in the life of Jesus; if it applied to His life, it applies to us as well.
  3. Ask for accountability. Everyone needs others to look in on them, to ensure they’re okay, that they’re fighting the battle, and not succumbing to discouragement, frustration, or even laziness. Ask someone who is in your life — somone who is not afraid of you or your potential response to their encouragement — to hold you to a standard of consisetncy. Let them know what enemy you’re fighting (inconsistency) and why you need them to help you defeat it (the great reward). Be accountable to them. If you’re a writer, commit to writing a certain number of words each day, and then send those words to your friend as proof that you’re staying the course.

If inconsistency is the enemy of success, then consistency is a key to success. Defeat the enemy and use the key of consistency to unlock the door to high achievement…and the rewards high achievement offers.

About the Author

Ryan Dobbs is the author of several books, including The Time Is Now, which was endorsed by such prominent Christian leaders and writers as Randy Alcorn, Dr. Robert Jeffress, and Dr. Paige Patterson. His first work of fiction, a novel entitled Redemption, is scheduled for release in February of 2016. Connect with Ryan on Twitter and Instagram: @ryanearldobbs