Superior Leadership and Better Ideas

I decided tonight was a good night to pick up a book I got a while back.

Within the first couple pages this quote struck me as appropriate.

“The purpose of politics is not to defeat your opponent as much as it is to provide superior leadership and better ideas than the opposition.”

-Jack Kemp

We have lost track of this concept. Political contest has become an ever quickening race to the bottom. Who can tear down the other and get the least amount of mud on themselves.

Rather than elevating the country with ideas and leading people through civil discourse, we create memes to degrade one another. We simplify the views of the other side, because it makes it easier to argue our points. When you ‘know’ you have all the facts, and the other person is just an “idiot” or “racist” there is no room for discussion. It’s more comfortable to be right in your own mind, than to admit that perhaps you do not have all the answers. Perhaps other people have ideas that are worthy of discussion, that are contrary to your current thinking.

No matter who is President, this Country, our Country, is the land of the Free. We are not beholden to our president, lest we rather have a King! No, they are beholden to us. We control our governance, through ideas, through action.

Just because Hillary wins, does not mean we have to settle for a broken health care system with skyrocketing prices. We can fix that, through ideas, through action.

Just because Trump wins does not mean we have to settle for an insane plan to force Mexico to pay for a wall that will do no good or gloss over the various incendiary comments that have no business being made anywhere, least of all a public forum. We can change that, through ideas, through action.

But we, as a people, must hold our leaders responsible for their actions. We can not allow them to believe they hold the power, or worse believe it ourselves. The people hold the power, that is how this system was designed. We have gotten politically lazy, voting every two years and then waiting for the next election. We have forgotten that we are strong when we are united and we have a voice past just the election. Your elected officials work for you.

We can not allow our leaders, who work for us, to stonewall the political process and lead us into further years of little to no progress. We must take action and tell our leaders to get to work, or we will never solve the many problems facing our country today. In order for this to work, we must allow for compromise, so that our leaders do not take hard line stances on every issue.

Better ideas and superior leadership is not grandstanding without suggesting alternatives. It is about communication and making something better out of the convergence of ideas.

We must work together, not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans, to build a better future for everyone, not just the ‘side’ we favor.