Ryan Elantri — Benefits of Pursuing a Minor in College

Ryan Elantri is a rising senior at The Pennsylvania State University who excels in a number of different fields. He is currently majoring in economics and Mandarin Chinese, and he is also pursuing minors in Arabic, Middle Eastern studies, and business. By pursuing several minors in addition to his major degrees, Elantri is making himself more appealing to a variety of prospective employers. Although it can be rigorous and challenging at times, there are many benefits to pursuing a minor (or two) during your college career.

Ryan Elantri

The biggest benefit of pursuing a minor is that it makes you more well-rounded and increases your field of knowledge. This is particularly important for those who are looking to pursue a very specific career, or alternatively, are open to pursuing careers in any number of different fields. Having a minor on your resume shows that you are adaptable and curious, traits that employers value highly.

A minor can also give you a way to pursue your passions while in college. Since school is so expensive, taking a minor definitely helps you make the most of it by giving you the opportunity to explore other avenues besides your major. Who knows — a minor that starts out as just a fun extra learning path could even lead to a second degree or new career opportunity. Ryan Elantri is pursuing several minors because it is helping him to prepare thoroughly for his desired career in international finance and business.