Ryan ellazar- This is how i learn as a independent trader / financial adviser

( Ryan ellazar /picture 2011)

since “ WE ARE YOUNG ” as a financial adviser ,trader /fundamental analytical / world economy analysis ( foreign exchange , gold , silver , paltanium and etc ) .

“Knowledge is power and action to world , one purpose is mother of success, be honest may way to success, be strewn with joy and bitterness, job will not come along but must be sought for, ever on world economy and society …….

  • Are you ready working 24hour with no limit?
  • Do you have physical problem?
  • Do you have Communication problem?

No worry!!!search everywhere??? Still Confused ?

Be yourself and trust your self….

There is what im learning everyday….

Learn How the Rich are Controlling the World

And How You Can Apply the Same Strategies!

Good luck…😉

Ryan ellazar