Monthly Update: #003

Foreword: Going forward (ayyy homonyms), I will be posting all monthly updates I used to mail to Subscribers here for easier access to all and for ease of reading. I’ll post the other two sub mails I’ve sent soon for the sake of archival. This month’s sub mail follows. ❤


“...what? tf? What are you talking abo-”



So, yeah, shit, it’s been a busy ass month. I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good, but at the same time not as well as I should have been with some things, but let me show you guys what I’ve got going on behind the curtains here.

Currently, I’ve got on the go:

  • The intro to a new series for the youtube channel called TSR Moments
  • A bunch of videos already prepped to be made for that series
  • Prep work for the next highlight reel
  • The team introducing a new role system for people who submit clips that are used in the reel on discord
  • A team combo stream coming up on Friday, June 2nd
  • Planning out a 400 follower celebration stream
  • Trying to get a couple of Let’s Play series off the ground (one with Arcadd and also one with ASHLEIGH it’s gonna be great I think (I hope))
  • A new series of interviews with content creators and other people in the industry that I’m doing as podcasts

So, you can understand that I’ve been a little pinched for time as I juggle all these things, let alone my personal life stuff like seeing friends irl and also spending time with Ashleigh.

I think I’ve been doing pretty well so far, since this has been a huge shift for me; I went from my old job working 5 hour days 5 days a week with basically only the stream and the monthly highlight reel to worry about, to now working 8 hours a day 6 days a week with at least 3 times as much on my plate. I’m working hard on being more efficient with my time, and being a driving force to try and push people to action and get things done.

I really want to try to expand and improve myself and my content as a creator, and build on new skillsets by doing new things. I just need to make sure I’m being careful to balance my time and focus well enough to stay on top of that and not burn out considering how much I’m working nowadays. It’ll slow down again once the winter season rolls around and I’ll have a far more regular schedule and more free time (with 2 days off again), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let myself slow down right now!

Currently, I’m trying my best to save up my stream funds that I get from your generosity (through donations, bits (currently at $78; need to hit $100 before they START processing for cash out which takes 60 days :/ ) and your subscriptions on gamewisp to be able to upgrade my system to increase my ability and capacity to put out content more effectively and to increase my system’s capability to stream more demanding titles. This will serve as a double benefit for TSR since Arcadd said he’s interested in buying my current parts, since what I currently have will prove to be a big jump in performance compared to what he’s still using.

Once that’s paid for, I’ll be saving up to start expanding the Sub Benefits with neat stuff like stickers and potentially even wrist bands that I’ll mail out to new subs, and I’m still in the very early stages of considering merch. I don’t want to do merch too early and have it be half baked, and I really and truly want to make sure that it’s something exciting and engaging, moreso than something like a partyzed print mug.

I’m really hoping that some changes we have in the works right now will help to keep the highlight reel and the submissions for it lively and busy; it really sucked deciding to cancel the reel for last month, but I think it’s important that anything I’m uploading to the YT channel is the best I can possibly put out, since it’s really the team’s only truly permanent content that exists that people can share. I believe these new features will make that happen, but make sure that if you see a moment you enjoy, don’t be shy about clipping it! Keep an eye on the YT channel for more deets on that stuff VEEEERRY soon ;)

In the meantime, I’m trying to do more collaborations with the team and also reach out to other streamers to network more and grow the channel, and hopefully in turn also expand The Spice Rack as a community.

I really want to say, I’m fiercely proud of the community we have here, and am so happy that Arcadd, KK and I got together and started this thing. It has been a hub for some amazing moments and great conversation, and I feel like we’ve truly got something special here. I’m dedicated to it and growing it as a place for people to hang out, make friends, have fun and feel welcomed, and I hope to expand its reach as a community and as a brand.

Thanks again to you guys for your support, as people who tune in and further as people who provide the financial support that you do. The fact that you believe in me and my content enough to want to commit to financially supporting it is unreal to me, and I hope to always push myself to bring your guys more and more as a return on that investment in my content.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being awesome, and let’s make June amazing! 500 in one month??? Let’s see if we can get it. I believe. <3


The man formerly known as ryanemzed;