Revolution Is Racist. Populism Is Sexist. Economic Justice Is Homophobic.
Caitlin Johnstone

“ Big scary boogiemen like Trump will be used to frighten mainstream America into the arms of the “centrists”, who will magnanimously offer protection from racism, sexism, and an assortment of bigoted-phobias in exchange for allegiance to the US war machine and rapacious plutocratic exploitation.”

This is absolutely diabolical. To be a successful opponent of sexism, racism or the like, one must support Hillary Clinton style corporate neocons. Critical leftists will be hand-waved away as “Bernie Bros” or “Brocialists” or the like. This will naturally turn off many people, who will then ally with the far right against the perceived excesses of political correctness. Either way, the right wing wins.

God help us. This is levels of COINTELPRO that we never thought possible.

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