My Investment Philosophy:

It comes to my attention, especially when speaking to young teens and adults, that people believe consistent stock price drops indicate a time to sell, and that when a stock consistently increases in share price, it is an indication to buy. This mentality is not only a formulated way of looking at the stock market, but it leaves little room for massive potential profit. As Warren Buffet once said, “invest in what you know.” This means that you should know company logistics as well as stock behavior (trends, spikes, dips, etc.) before you pour your money into a stock. If you trust your judgment and invest in what YOU believe is a good investment, based on personal research, stock analysis, and/or expert reviews, go for it. No single human can accurately forecast the behavior of a stock consistently. The stock market is unpredictable. But, there are ways you can help yourself to minimize risk and maximize profit. Helping yourself is the best way to look at it. You are your greatest asset.

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