Day 19: Cuddle Puddle

Last night I found myself falling into a cuddle puddle of friends after a delicious meal at Zest, my favourite vegan spot in Ubud. There are some people in life that have powerful gravitational pulls. Gregorio is such a vortex, as evidenced by this photo. He is full of so much love that it pours out onto everyone in his presence. I’m a magnet for individuals that radiate love. As I lay in the puddle, I had the felt experience of me being this radiant love that showers everyone in my field. And it felt great to be in resonance with like energy. I was reminded of an aspect of myself that is much more outgoing and effervescent that my current state of being. For the past several years, I’ve been fluctuating between a caretaker mode and an internal reflection phase. I feel myself slowly unravelling out of my cocoon to shine my radiance once again. This explains why I find myself exceptionally attracted to those that radiate love. I’m a product of my environment and most like those that I spend the most time around. And so quite naturally, I desire to be around those that radiate their love in uniquely beautiful ways. We all shine in different ways. I recently met an angelic Japanese yogini at Ecstatic Dance. She has a soft energy, yet through it she radiates a powerful love of all life. Her energy pulled me like a magnet and before I knew it, our arms were intertwined in a loving embrace. We spent the evening quietly enjoying one another’s company over tea. As she sat on the back of my scooter, she gave me the most loving massage I’ve received in years. I thought I might melt, but my focus on her safety kept me alert. Indeed, I had an angel at my back.

I am so grateful for my life and all the beautiful teachings that are graciously delivered by the most miraculous souls. I feel my power coming back into me with a peaceful and soft ferocity; if that makes sense!? I feel alive, awake and clear. I am both empty and happy. I honour all that have showered me with love these past weeks here in Bali.

And so my writing journey continues; each day revealing the stories that want to be told. Today, I feel I want to go back to some of my past days writings and add some more colour to these thought pieces with some personal story. This was inspired by a lovely Indonesian women I sat next to at dinner last night. She uses story to inspire and empower Indonesian women. I was really touched by her bravery. The story continues.

Pure Love and Light.