Day 21: Love & Light

I look out and see love. She warms my soul with her light. I feel her radiance dance on my skin; filling me with energy and vitality. She heals my tender soul; aching from the love that’s fallen from its grace. I feel its harsh grip release. My heart begins to flutter as it melts into the a sea of love; resting in her soothing waters. Waking with her light, love fills my day with her joyous liberation.

Alive and awake, I can see clearly now. A student of connection, each interaction presents an opportunity to go deeper; to feel deeper into myself in their reflection. Who am I now? What do I feel in this moment? What is to be learned from this experience? These questions melt into the moment.

Sometimes I feel a subtle anxiety present itself. I wonder where it comes from. Is this mine, is it theirs or is in born in the interaction? It manifests as a delicate tension. I visualise it as stumbling in our learning to dance together. Each with our own distinct energy, our individual fields exploring how to merge into one. Sometimes it’s almost instantaneous, other times we continue to step on one another’s toes; eventually deciding to end our dance.

This is life. Sometimes a relation lasts for a minute and on rare occasion, it grows into a relation-ship that sails for a lifetime. Whatever the case, these voyages are the seeds that fill my garden; growing into miraculous life full of love and light.

Being here in Bali continues to bless me with the most spectacular dances. My heart gets blasted open further each day. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to journey deeper into connection as I write my first book on #beingpure.

Pure Love & Light!