Last night I sang with the Huni Kuin in London. Amazingly, this was our second meeting as I visited their village on the Jordao River in the state of Acre, Brazil last November. It was so special to connect back to the natural rhythms of the forest through sharing hypnotic songs all evening.

They spoke of their beautiful traditions passed on through generations from their ancestors. And they also came with a message of an increasing threat to their culture from outside commercial forces, specifically deforestation from logging, cattle raising and mono-culture farming. In the face of yet another broken Brazilian government, they struggle to protect themselves from rouge forces propelled by the increasing consumption habits of the global west.

Having developed reforestation and conservation initiatives in the region since 2008, this story is nothing new. We all know government and industry are in bed together. Generally speaking both have limited connection to and empathy for indigenous cultures and the health of our natural ecosystem. This dynamic paired with increasing commercial demand has and continues to lead us towards a systemic collapse of our natural ecosystem.

At COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009, I found myself confronted by a realization that we as a humanity are not ready to evolve our collective consciousness and change our consumption patterns. I felt, and continue to feel, that our collective behavior will lead to our own mass extinction as our planet adapts to maintain equilibrium.

In a silent 10-day Vipassana Meditation in 2011, I emerged with an understanding that the only path to salvation of humanity is the evolution of our collective consciousness. As Einstein famously stated, we will not be able to get ourselves out of a situation with the same level of consciousness that got us into it.

While I intuitively understand that the only way out is through, a sense of urgency consumes me. I know I’m not alone in this. We are all in a state of shock; some more conscious of why than others. While I have Gandhi's words ‘be the change you seek in the world’ on auto-repeat in my mind, I struggle to shift out of my drive for passionate action to one of passionate being. It’s as if I’ve been brainwashed into thinking the only way to be is to do. And it is by this doing that I will one day find peace. It doesn’t work. It’s a dead end trap in it’s truest literal sense.

I’m currently waking into a new understanding that’s beginning to seep into my bones. It’s the realization that peace only exists in the silence of being. And that when I allow myself to fall into stillness, my soul soars. My spirit radiates, healing my body as it brings me back into harmony. This vibration permeates my environment, rippling out to all in my energetic field. It is this awareness that is helping me to internalize intellectual concepts and expand consciousness into my behavioral patterns.

As I embark on a journey of being, I become aware of the positive impact of my energy. Each day I learn new tools that bring me back into conscious being as I seek balance within living a vibrant life. It is such a gift to live in the dance of human beingness; allowing my creative gifts to flow into the world with freedom and ease. It’s as if the gravitational pull of the universe is pulling me forward. This feeling is so powerful that the force of pushing falls away. A new way of being emerges with letting go of ways that no longer serve me. Letting go and creating space as I bring more of my presence into each moment is such a blessing.

I am a student.