Our experiences and interactions mirror back to us exactly what’s occurring within. When we are present and aware, these mirrors provide a powerful tool to help us navigate our internal emotional landscape. Through this reflection (pun intended), we mature. Human evolution and the expansion of our collective conscious depend on our individual choice to look into the mirror with open eyes.

Most of humanity lives in the illusion that our experiences are separate from us. Try spending the day (or a few) in silence. Allow yourself to truly listen. Assuming you are in the presence of other humans, you will surely discover this trend. The illusion of separation has become so entrenched in our experience of life that for most even in periods of connection we still believe the illusion to be real. The conversations outside the yoga studio are evidence of this.

Now reflect upon the last time you were in nature. Imagine the beach, warm sun and the sound of the waves. Or imagine the majestic mountains, the smell of the trees and the brisk breeze. A soothing feeling of peace washes over us. We feel connected to these natural rhythms; evidence that we are a product of our environment.

It is human nature to adapt to our circumstances. As we awaken our connection to the present moment, we become aware of all that is being reflected back to us. When we are triggered by any experience or interaction, this becomes an opportunity to look inward, reflect and grow.

Love & Light,


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