Stillness Speaks

If I had a religion, it would be flow. Bringing harmony to each moment is a lifelong practice that requires consistent discipline. My favorite tools are dance and yoga. When I drop into a beat (or a posture), the mental chatter subsides as my body flows and my spirit sings. I feel alive, awake and aware; acutely attuned to the present moment.

Within the stillness, I feel a deep connection which extends from my core to all that has and will ever exist. A pain in my lower back connects me to suffering of those less fortunate across the planet. Tears bead in my eyes, followed by a gentle release. I’m reminded of my purpose…to feel fully all the emotions that flow through me, to honor them, to deepen my connection to self and to allow that connection to extend out to all humans. We are all children of the stars; from it’s dust we are born and to it we shall return. My life is a gift which grants me the opportunity to learn, grow and expand. I remain a humble student.

Living in harmony is art in motion. Our canvas is constantly evolving; colored by new emotions, thoughts and actions. The heart wants what the heart wants, yet so does the mind and body. If one dominates, we fall out of balance and our life can feel unstable.

As the artists of our lives, we paint our experience using this dynamic palate of human content. The key to being an exceptional artist is the process of being aware, so that our observations empower us to consciously engage with life. By acknowledging the content of our human experience rather than resisting or sedating it, the charge of our emotions is free to soften such that our thoughts and actions flow with considerate ease. When our mind quiets, our energy grounds as our soul soars. This is the essence of thriving; bringing harmony to our thoughts, feelings and actions.

May we all flow into stillness!

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