This is HUGE!

Words seem inadequate to describe the feeling, yet the taste of my tears speak volumes. Poppy Liu has yet again blown my mind. In all the days of sharing life with this extraordinary human, I have never experienced such incredible courage, love and vulnerability pulse so powerfully through her. She is an inspiration for us all.

I am a student; learning and expanding my understanding each day. At this point in my learning journey, what’s certain is that this conversation is one of the most important ones we can be having collectively as a society. Despite our views, I feel we can all agree on the imperative for the voices of women to be heard, acknowledged and respected. It is time to stand up and support the Names of Women.

Please consider contributing to this important campaign and sharing it with friends at And if you’re interested in getting involved in this important work, please visit The Collective Sex.


Sending pure love & light into the stratosphere!