rrtr is Dead, Long Live React Router

Jimmy Jia is now an owner of React Router. We hugged it out (like a 20 minute embrace, it was awkward, but warm, he’s much taller than I realized).

This isn’t really about Jimmy or the fork though.

I need to thank him for the slap in the face, and apologize for Michael Jackson and I not being involved enough lately. React Router is a critical dependency in the React ecosystem and we’ve failed to make it a community project. In the beginning, people just showed up and started helping, but since hitting critical mass, not so much. When you get forked by your most prolific contributor, you better wake up.

We’d like more owners and contributors. Eventually the owners of today will move on to more important things, like, I dunno, saving people’s lives? (if you laughed, you should be ashamed of yourself.) The project will need new leaders. To facilitate that, we hope to make a few changes to encourage contributions:

  1. PRs only need to be approved by two collaborators to be merged. This should help the API evolve and people to feel more comfortable making changes.
  2. The roadmap will be communicated more clearly so folks can dive in and help implement stuff.
  3. We’ll ship releases on a regular schedule.

That’s it. Thanks!