Retrospective on my first user experience project

My first main project in the “UX” world was designing the user interface for an app idea about skateboarding. Since skateboarding is one of my main passions, it was only fitting. I had no prior experience with pretty much anything to do with digital and mobile design so I decided to part take in a summer course at general assembly for user experience. I definitely learned a lot not only about our experience's we have interacting with technology but as well modern day society. Most my learning was done outside the class room when I was researching the field. The more I have learned the more I have striped the app down more and more taking out things that I wanted to put in it vs things I needed to put into it. Everyday I’m learning more and more and I believe that’s the role of an ux designer is to always stay current and keep up with the latest trends in design and usability.

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