I’m just…

Let’s abolish ‘I’m just’ thinking and use.

In the last week alone I’ve met people who’ve said I’m just…a waitress, a bartender, and truck driver.

None of us should define who we are by the job or title we have held, are holding, or will hold. We are not defined by what we do to earn money. It is certainly part of our our journey and life experience. But it shouldn’t define us. It is a manifestation of our talents, skills, education, and training, maybe. In some cases it isn’t even that. We end up in jobs for a variety of reasons. Some good. Some bad. Some neutral.

What you are doing today to earn money may be a lifelong fulfillment. Awesome. Good for you to getting to this place in life. But if what you are doing today to earn money is just that, a vehicle to earn money and pay the bills, don’t let it define you and shape your future.

‘I’m just’ is limiting. It fosters low expectations. It devalues our work and contribution. It demeans us. It is a powerful verbalization that has conscious and unconscious impacts. I’m not a physiologist, but I can see and feel it when people say it.

All of us need to judge less too. Who cares if someone doesn’t have a fancy title and an expense account. It doesn’t make anyone better that does. We have all met people doing various things that are smarter, more talented, and more interesting people than someone else who has a fancy title.

So if you are saying ‘I’m just’ or you come across someone that does, stop it and stop them. We are all more than what our titles and roles say we are. Kick ass with what you are doing. Whether it is a today only thing or a lifetime thing.

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