Dealing with Negative Reviews on Amazon

Bad product reviews are the bane of any seller. You probably worked hard to get your order out, and yet you received a negative review, which talks unfavorably about your product. This will enrage any seller out there. Ratings that are 1-star can drag down your product’s average rating unless it already has a solid base of reviews. But even if there are already a lot of good ratings for your product, 88 percent of buyers specifically check the negative reviews to get an idea what issues could potentially arise with the product. This way, bad reviews can directly lead to a drop in sales. As a seller, you naturally want to avoid this and wonder: What should I do about unfavorable reviews? What can I do anyway?

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The first thing that you should do is to not panic, on seeing that you have received a negative review. You must realize that if you are in this game for the long haul you will have to deal with this on a nearly regular basis. So, buckle up and take a deep breath, you have things that need to be done.First of all, you must respond to every negative review on your product. A lot of future customers know that issues tend to arise, and they will look at these reviews to check that you are not negligent to customers’ opinions. Even if you have negative reviews, if you are still good at responding to such reviews, shoppers will have a more favorable view of you as a seller. Thus, responding to a negative product review is important to maintain the integrity of your account.

Sometimes easier said than done, don’t take a negative review personally. Read through the words to actually discover what the real issue is. Writing with professional yet kind words sets the tone. If you are busy running your Amazon business with few people, schedule an hour first thing or end of day to read any new reviews. Otherwise, assign this important task to staff trained in managing customer service communications.

In the best case scenario, a negative review is turned into a positive one which goes from hurting to helping the average rating of a product. When this isn’t realistic, it may at least be possible to achieve the removal of the review by the customer. This way you do lose one review, but you also lose its negative effect.

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