I Am a Jaysker, How Do I Not Get Murdered at This Game?

The life and times of the most hated fans in the entire world

I recently read an article entitled “Why ‘Jayskers’ Are the Worst Thing Ever” by Derek J. Hernandez. In no way am I downplaying the article because it was actually very well written and pretty goddamn entertaining. With the Bluejays and Huskers facing off on Wednesday at 8:00, I’d just like to share with the four people that will read this (hi mom and her friends), the Jaysker mindset. Before you continue, I am not trying to persuade anyone into changing allegiances to either team. I am also not going to bring up the classic argument of “well Creighton doesn’t have a football team.” I am simply taking you through a magical journey that is the life of a Jaysker.

First off, if you’re from Nebraska, being a Husker football fan is a way of life. Let’s not even get into an argument on being from Nebraska and not wearing scarlet and cream on Saturdays. If you don’t, stop reading and I hate you.

However, I’m sure most middle schoolers who are still trying to figure out what sports to root for, flip-flop from team to team while attempting to chat with girls on AIM. AIM’s still hip right? Thought so. Screenname is cornhead30. Hit ‘em up ladies.

I will say, in sixth grade the Kansas Jayhawks were my favorite basketball team, don’t judge. Although, that same year I didn’t take the stickers off my flat bill hats, wore Adidas ankle socks, and had the top half of my hair bleached.

However, growing up in Omaha, we tend to get tickets for Omaha events, right? So going to at least a couple Creighton basketball games is pretty standard. But is there a way that Creighton and Nebraska can coincide?


NEBRASKA — Huskers have had some really great players like Eric Piatkowski, Aleks Maric, Ty Lue, Cookie Belcher, Shavon Shields, and more. This latest group of guys are young, but there’s something to them that makes fans excited. Tai Webster has been playing really well as of late. Glynn Watson shows flashes of becoming an absolute stud. And Ed Morrow shows some real NBA potential. Not to mention, Timmy Miles has the boys wreaking havoc on defense and has gotten a group of guys who fully buy into his system (good riddance Andrew White). Great to watch.

Creighton — Watching guys like Nate Funk, Anthony Tolliver, Kyle Korver, Johnny Mathies, Doug McDermott, P’Allen Stinnett (GOAT), and Booker Woodfox was a blast. Now led by Mo Watson Jr., this team is deep as hell with zero signs of letting up once conference play starts. Coach Mac is developing his young guys a lot better than expected. He has seemed to help turn around Marcus Foster back to his elite playing level, Khyri Thomas has been a pleasant surprise, and freshman center Justin Patton is the best pro prospect we’ve had since Doug. It’s tough for Omahans not to cheer on the beloved Bluejays.

But to openly root against the Husker basketball team? You root for their football team, right? But no not basketball? Just a preposterous way of thinking.

Honestly, at times, I may have not been so nice to the Husker basketball team back in the day (again, a very dumb kid). But I am here to apologize to the program and maybe we could get some coffee sometime.

A rivalry can be a beautiful thing. Tom versus Jerry, Rocky versus Apollo, Jim versus Dwight.

But let’s face it, we are not at the level of a North Carolina and Duke in-state rivalry. For now, this rivalry is not playing on that type of terrain. Zero basketball national championships for either school. Combined, they have 26 NCAA Tournament appearances. Duke and NC have 83 combined. The only thing we have to go on is a light skirmish between Grant Gibbs and Terran Petteway in 2012.

This is a football state. No question. But the basketball talent here is rising rapidly and both teams should be getting more in-state prospects playing for them. Wouldn’t it be great if we had multiple teams participating in March Madness every year, something that is a rare occurrence for both teams? Nebraska from the B10, Creighton from the Big East, and even UNO representing the Summit League would be the start of something beautiful. If you support the state of basketball, support in-state basketball.

This can be a loving and supportive rivalry, while still wanting to destroy each other on game day. Basically what Jim and Dwight are deep down.

(Note to self: Re-write this entire post comparing Creighton and Nebraska to Jim and Dwight. )

(Side note: Find contact info for Tim Miles and beg him to go as Dwight Schrute next Halloween. The thought of this makes me so happy.)

Are you a Jaysker?

The true test. Do you like Creighton basketball? Do you like Nebraska basketball? Do you like Nebraska football (all other sports are irrelevant)? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are a Jaysker, in the greatest sense of the word. Congratulations.

Do you like Creighton basketball and Nebraska football but hate Husker basketball? Congratulations, you’re a bag of shit. If you want to call yourself a Jaysker, go for it. But you’re soiling the name while digging yourself a grave.

The Anti-Jaysker Rationale

Now, do you like Nebraska basketball & football but hate Creighton basketball? If you answered yes to this question, you hate Jayskers. You become irate when a Jaysker or even the Jays are mentioned in passing. I am your enemy. I am your vice.

Husker basketball fans have had zero room to talk lately. 0–5 in their last five years against the Jays. Their arguments against Jayskers (the good kind) are borderline idiotic. “You can cheer for Nebraska football cause you’re from here but you also can’t cheer for Creighton basketball even though you’re from Omaha.” So by that rationale, we have to root for Virginia Tech? That’s like saying “you can piss in this toilet because it’s yours but you can’t take poops in this toilet even though it is also yours.

The tenth ranked Jays will undoubtedly be favored in this game, but a packed Pinnacle Bank Arena could be the cause of an epic upset. Ranked in the top 10 in attendance coupled with the fact that most UNL students will be drunk enough to spill out their entire hatred into some glass shattering howls.

So how do I go into this jungle repping Jays blue? My well-being, as well as the well-being of every Jays fan in the Bank, is at stake here. Nebrasketball fans will show zero mercy on my fragile body if the Huskers come out with a win. I’m basically fresh meat at the prison. Do I (try to) beat up the biggest dude there? What if the Jays win? All Husker fans in Lincoln will be too pissed off to control their rage. And none will want to go out drinking after. Lose-lose situation.

So can Nebraska and Creighton basketball fans co-exist? Can they hate each other? Can they actually be the same person? Do you have to choose between red and blue? You tell me. But for this week, whichever side you are cheering for, cheer for your players, cheer for your team, but most of all, cheer for a great fucking game.

Someone make a hype video for this game right now!