Just Flipped Off a Girl That Cut Me Off and Now I Think I’m In Love

I’m Not a Smart Man But I Know What Love Is

Driving home from work, minding my business, and some psychopath comes out of nowhere to cut me off. I’m a mild-mannered and compassionate young man but fuck with me on the road and I might lose my shit on you. I’m completely safe in a locked car that you can’t get in to. I’m basically in a bullet proof cage during a shark attack. I could call you every name under the son and you can literally do nothing to stop me (maybe break my window or run me off the road). Regardless, I flip people off on the road all the time, given they deserve the wrath.

Today when this person cut me off, I turn over to the car next to me to get a good look at this mother fucker. The bird flew high in the sky. Almost rolled down my window to accentuate the middle finger. A dangerous game. This driver could’ve been a giant capable of crushing my skull over my windshield.

Instead, this person wasn’t a giant, not a mother fucker at all. This driver was an angel sent down from heaven. While I only saw her for two seconds max, I saw her luscious brown hair, her hazel green eyes, her freshly tanned skin. She had a white headband which looked like she just finished a round at the gym. Yet she still looked like a goddess, begging me to join her in her car from some friskiness.

Longest relationship I’ve been in was less than three months, so maybe I’ve never been “in love.” But I’d still like to think I know love when I see it. And this was it. No doubt.

My question now, what should I have done? Giving her the long fury of my middle finger was technically not a hot start, but nothing I couldn’t bounce back from. Should I have cut her off in return, run her down and get her number? Follow her home and see if she wants to hit the bar up the street for our first night in a long life of romance? I know I’ll never see this dream girl again, but I’m still torn and broken-hearted.

Only recovery method I can think of is my classic move of getting drunk and texting every girl in my phone “hubba hubba”. Rare occurrence to get a positive response from that and I’m back to square one. So turn those phone on gals, I’m coming for you. And to the girl who I flipped off today… sup.