Take a Moment to Appreciate This LeBron Pass

Take a break. Hit the shitter. Watch this LeBron James pass over and over again.

I hate LeBron James. The dorky things he says to the media, the way he bitches to the refs, his shot selection, his whole “I made it even though I wasn’t suppose to be here, even though I’ve been graced with the physical specimens of an athletic god, but still I wasn’t supposed to make it this far” mantra.

That being said, the appreciation I have for his skill set is up there with the appreciation I have for outstanding ball movement. The bounce pass is such an underrated entity in the basketball world and LeBron James has harnessed all the powers in the land to create the greatest bounce pass we have ever seen.

Simply amazing. a cross-court pass through what is basically three defenders. A lesser pass would have been intercepted by defenders Gordon, Vujevic, or Payton (really nice screen by Tristan Thompson to hold off Payton).

The pass had a little spin on it at the perfect moment to reach Dunleavy in the opposite corner honestly got me fully aroused. Magnificent catch and shoot by Dunleavy as well, just an veteran move to get that shot off over Payton.

This pass is so majestic, yet it will probably never make LeBron’s career highlight reel, which is okay. I still remember his bounce pass through the legs of Jason Richardson to Anderson Vareijo.

Matter of fact, if you’re still pooping, YouTube LeBron’s top passes. I’m sure there’s a handful. And when you’re done, go to the courts and try that cross-court bounce pass on your own. Now try it full speed. Now try it through three defenders. Now just quit because you can’t do it, then re-evaluate your life, get on your knees, and pray to the basketball gods for LeBron James and his passing abilities just as LL Cool J prays for the booty.