Wake Up Call: Unite behind Cruz or Accept the Democratic Victory
JD Rucker

JDR, I’vr been reading all your stuff and you are perfectly logical, which makes you right in every sense, from a conservative viewpoint.

Trump is no politician. Everybody else is. The nation rallied behind GW after 911 because he didn’t play politics. Later when he did, he was ousted.

Obama won office the first time because he appeared to be against the establishment (Hillary). He won the second time because he was the establishment.

The American (USA) people don’t want the establishment. We want something different, better, and beyond. The “little yellow pill.”

I don’t know Cruz, but I know you. I can only speculate that Cruz does not represent the majority.

From a conservative viewpoint, Trump does.

I am disappointed at Trump’s stance against Apple vs the Feds. It shows his sensationalism and lack of understanding.

Will it cost him the Conservative vote? Possibly.

Can he win the POTUS election?


Can Cruz? I hope so.

Thanks for all your opening JD.

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