Skywire Testnet Launch Update #3

First off, I am grateful for the opportunity to own a Skyminer and I am passionate about this project and the team behind it.

However, I feel the need to say something about the Skycoin that was sent to my wallet per the terms of the Skyminer purchase. For the life of me, I cannot figure out the values at which the Skycoin/BTC was valued. During that period when the funds were sent, the price was fairly stable and oscillated between .0012 to .00098 SKY/BTC that day. Therefore, the worst case scenario should have yielded 750 Skycoins as per the agreement for the Skyminer.

In fact, the highest it has traded since June 20th is .0012 SKY/BTC and the payment request was sent on June 22nd. I was diligent in getting my payment in as soon as possible because I am passionate about this project. Barring a few technical challenges, everything has been great with the exception of this transaction.

I have emailed this same message to multiple channels with no response. Can you please help me understand what conversion was used and how it compares to what was agreed to with the terms of the purchase?

Lastly, I feel as if there is not enough good Information and communication surrounding what to do once a Skyminer is live and running. For instance, the whitelisting process is good but I submitted 2 DIY Skyminer for whitelist. Very quickly I received a message saying 1 was whitelisted and it has almost been 2 months with no response about the second. And in terms of getting Official Skyminers whitelisted, everything reads that it should happen automatically. However, that doesn’t appear to have happened either. I sent over all the relevant details including the nodes and wallet addresses. However, I have had no communication since. The monthly rewards don’t get prorated in a given month, so I obviously don’t want to miss another month of rewards. Can someone please assist me and possibly post something in your blog surrounding this process?