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Jun 11, 2017 · 4 min read

Do you have trouble getting your employees scheduled for training? Complete Safety can fix that.

Some things are difficult to understand.

Some things just don’t make sense.

One of the biggest problems we identified in the industry when we were conceptualizing Complete Safety was this desire of other training companies to dictate to there customers when classes were available. I dealt with this first hand as a Safety Manager trying to get training for guys who had “slipped through the cracks” and didn’t get refreshers when they should have, or when a new client we started working for had some training requirement we didn’t have on our Matrix and he needed it NOW! I had struggled with Operations not letting me schedule training when I should have and then had to try and jump through hoops to get something tomorrow for one guy and had to get my a** busted for spending $500 on a half day class for that 1 guy.

Why were training companies that I sent thousands of dollars too annually, making it so difficult for me, THE CUSTOMER, to get things I needed? The industry I am in, oil and gas, is a “need it yesterday” industry. Why were training providers making me “wait till tomorrow”? Or “We can do the class but there is a 4 student minimum”, wait a second, I sent you 10 guys last week for 3 days each, and now your going to hammer me. The problem is that I had no where else to go, no option, no solutions. In this thought process Complete Safety was born.


No minimums, no defined schedule, no cancellation fees, EVER! We train when they need it, ALWAYS. We do not, EVER, say NO. EVER!

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WE WILL LOSE OUR A**!!” That was the first response of my partners when I laid out the concept. Not that I was surprised. There was not one training company in our area who did this, consistently. It was as if the training companies were the customers, and they needed to conform to the training companies needs and abilities. This had become the norm. The way it was. NOT FOR LONG.

Complete Safety opened in 2014 with this customer first concept as its CORE Mission. We will cater to our clients (I know, the newest idea ever) We will do the training they need, when they need it.


Boy, oh boy, was this difficult to do. The first 6 mos we (me and my dad) spent all our time teaching classes for the 2–3 clients we had. We were not making enough to hire anyone else, not having enough time to actually sell the concept (not that anyone believed us) it was hard SO TOUGH to stay the course. BUT… as time went on, things got better, SLOWLY

Who would have thought, people like to be treated good. HA, no way.

Just as we decided that we needed to bring someone else on board to help sell, we also needed to bring someone on who could help teach. We were going to expand from 2 to 4 employees in a month. OH S**T!!. How do I afford this, how can I keep taking care of my clients. Will the new people we bring in be willing to sacrifice like we currently are, nights, weekends, when ever. JUMP

BEST Decision Ever

By making this JUMP, we were able to grow and expand the message umpteen amounts of time. The concept is simple. Take care of our clients, first. People respond to this, we prove it to them, they trust us. BOOM


We have seen through growth and response that the client first concept in training works. I hope our clients respond to this Blog and tell how we HAVE NEVER SAID NO, EVER. We have done all the classes when they want them and NEVER charged minimums, NEVER charged cancellations. AND WE NEVER WILL.

YOU ARE THE CLIENT, and we are here for YOU

That’s a simple concept, but it is our CORE VALUE. We are dedicated to HACK the industry of training. Put the client back at the head of the line. Do what needs to be done to take care of YOU. And in turn, you take care of US.

One of the ways we are trying to make sure you understand that we mean it when we say you are first, is through our YouTube Channel. The Complete Safety Show is our attempt to bring value to you. The weekly show is based around topics that are brought up by our clients. We answer questions and explain things that the safety world is discussing or debating. We try to help give you the basics and make you think. Help you make the right decision. if you call us to help you more, GREAT. If you don’t, GREAT. We just want to put some ideas out there, help you first, and help where we can.

So call us what you want, a training company, a safety company, a business, but be sure you know that when you call us, we will TAKE CARE of YOU, FIRST!

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