How I Came to See That the Election Needs to be Audited and How You Can Too
Beth Martinez

Well that was crazy. The funny thing is, whose doing the questioning always depends on who lost. Last cycle I had to hear it from all the republicans, now its the democrats. And this time . . . the Russians did it.

I honestly did not find it that surprising that the polls were so wrong. I personally know democrats, libertarians, and conservatives who lied about who they were going to vote for. I predicted the polls would have far more error this year than ever before with two candidates that were so dislikable and a democrat party that contained a large group of younger angry voters that felt they had already lost the election in the primary. They hated Clinton as much as they despised what Trump stood for. Go look at the many blog posts from Bernie supporters after the election. Not a surprise to them and their friends.

The early voting means nothing. There are so many variables and factors to who votes early. Hacking is a little more complicated and detectable than most realize. And there are other explanations, despite the fact you state there are not. The issue is not that there are not explanations, its that your denial will not allow you to accept those explanations.

I grew up a Mormon. I served a mission for my church. I had all the explanations before me that it was BS. None of them made sense to me while I was in it. Yes, I am admitting that the most logical and probably answers, somehow were the ones that did not make sense to me. Politics, more than any church, probably holds a stronger emotional bias than even religion to many people. They can audit. I think you know what they will find. Nothing. And you won’t accept that. An answer that nothing happened, is not an option for you probably. Someone will have rigged the audit. Probably Russians again.