An Open Letter from Big Ryan to Little Ryan: I got your back, buddy…

I published a piece the other day for Medium called An Open Letter to Team Ryan: The Holy Grail of Holy S*it. And in that blog post, I distinguished a few big fears that are in my space. Primarily, these are fears of what and who I’m not.

These are fears of the big and honkin’ variety, I’m just sayin’.

I see that post as having been written by a four-year-old child with the verbal skills of a published novelist. While I wrote that, I was scared, anxious, and fearful of my future.

I’m going to try something here. This may land, or it may land with a thud. But I’ve gotta try it.

I have this constant fear of being exposed as a fraud. This fear is from my inner child. That is not who I am.

I think the little guy is scared he’s going to be left behind. That I’m going to leave him behind once I move ahead.

And that’s not the case at all. I want to work with him. I want what he already does well to power me today.

So, I’d like to address this letter to four-year-old Ryan. Without further ado…

October 19, 2017

Dear Little Ryan,

Hey Buddy! How are ya? Can we have a talk?

I’m writing this to you from the year 2017! That’s a long time in the future. There aren’t flying cars yet, but they’re coming.

Listen, I get that you’re scared. I get that you’re frightened. But there’s no reason to be scared. I’m doing well.

Did you know that I wrote and published a book? I mean, YOU wrote a book. A book that smart people can read. You helped me with that.

Do you know that I live less than an hour from New York? Yeah! How cool is that?!

And New York is so cool. There are such cool people there. You can go anywhere and listen to amazing music. You’re just getting started.

Did you know there’s a girl that I really like? Well, a woman. Past a certain age, they’re women.

And I know that you’re scared that I’m going to fail with her. And there’s a chance I might. But I don’t know if you understand that she really likes me too. I mean, you…sorry.

It’s okay, buddy. It’s a good thing. She’s not going to hurt you, buddy.

I want you to really listen to me. I mean REALLY listen to me.

You’re amazing! You’re gonna grow up to be really, really smart. You’re already really smart, but you’re gonna grow up and be smarter than the whole world.

You’re gonna write a really good book that people can read.

You’re gonna live near the coolest city in the world.

You’re gonna be able to help people do big things with their lives.

You’re gonna meet incredible people who are gonna love you and want to see you do big things with your life.

And you’re gonna do it because you’re amazing and beautiful so smart.

But you’re more than smart. You’re kind. You’re loving. And you are going to show the world just how amazing you are.

I love you so much! I’m so proud of you!


Big Ryan

PS. I got your back. Trust me.

Back to Big Ryan addressing all y’all…

When I succeed, I will do so working WITH Little Ryan. Not against him.

Because Little Ryan is Big Ryan in a bigger body. My creativity is all him. My charm is all that impish little prince. Women are drawn to me because of that impish charm.

I AM Little Ryan. And when I learn to work with him peacefully, then my world is gonna be a far better place.

Little Ryan was a scared little guy. It didn’t really work for me then, and it’s not working for me now.

I was a great kid. I’m an even better man.

Let’s let Big Ryan and Little Ryan operate symbiotically.

King Ryan IS Prince Ryan. Prince Ryan IS King Ryan.