Version Control with Git. The book that nearly wasn’t.

Yesterday we (No Divide) launched the new Five Simple Steps website.

At the same time my pocket guide Version Control with Git went on sale in digital format and also as a paper back when purchasing The Pocket Guide series: Collection 3.

The journey to get to this point has been an long one. I started writing Version Control with Git back in 2013. I wanted it to be a beginners guide for anyone who is just starting out with Git or for those that are finding it confusing in places, so we start with the installation of Git and go right through to setting up remote repositories.

By January 2014 the guide was 95% complete. Around about this time I actually decided to drop a section entirely and expand upon several others that felt more relevant and useful.

Sadly at the beginning on April 2014, Mark and Emma (Boulton) announced that Mark Boulton Design had been acquired by Monotype and as a result they had to make the difficult decision of closing Five Simple Steps. All book rights were given back to the authors so they could find alternative arranges for selling their books. Everyone was in a bit of a panic over where to go from here. For Version Control with Git, I had a completed (yet unedited) manuscript but no complete book. I was unsure if it would ever see the light of day.

Much to everyone’s relief it wasn’t long before Craig and Amie stepped into the breach and took over Five Simple Steps. We were back in business!

Towards the end of 2014 Craig approach me and Dan to design and build the new Five Simple Steps website. This has been an exciting project for us. We love the brand, we love the work that all the other authors have done and obviously, once complete, my book would be available at long last.

This really has been a double whammy project for us and we couldn’t be happier.

With much care and attention from Owen Gregory (editor), Graham Smith (technical editor) and Valentino Cellupica (illustrator): Version Control with Git was completed and is now a reality. You can go buy it and everything!

For full details:

Version Control with Git (eBook): £3

The Pocket Guide series: Collection 3 (paperback): £20 - Includes Version Control with Git, Colour Accessibility, CSS Animations and The Craft of Words: Part 2.

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