A quick overview of the projects shared at our February 2018 meetup.

I’m sure I’ve already stated this a few times on Twitter, and probably on my personal account as well, but I’m really stoked to have Jam Sessions up and running again after our brief (10 month) hiatus–it’s crazy to think that my daughter is already 10 months old, and looking forward to when she can participate in Jam Sessions as well!

I don’t think I could have imagined a better group of people or projects to kick things off again. We had about 11 people participate throughout the session. I say “about”, because a few of the people couldn’t attend…

Building Jam Sessions, a community focused on motivation through sharing, collaboration and social commitments

Each event is an evolution of this graphical concept, incrementing the number with each event. As more events occur, more people–and hands–are required to get involved.

The Backstory

The idea for Jam Sessions came to me during a cross-country flight from New York to San Francisco. I was thinking about the projects that I was working on and trying to brainstorm ideas on how I could: make sure I was working on things that were useful, make meaningful progress that I could share and get feedback on, and ultimately maintain my motivations to see the projects through to completion. I was also thinking about how when I meet up with friends–and the conversation drifts to what we’ve been working on–the discussions are always inspiring and insightful, sharing techniques…

Ryan Hefner

Having fun, making stuff! A developer and builder, busy crafting things and trying to get a little bit better every day. More about me @ https://ryanhefner.com

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