10 stocks that had double digit gains on Trump’s win that are terrifying
Andrew Timmons

Not too shabby, but you missed a few CRUCIAL details.

  1. What happened to gun stocks? Hammered. The same reason biotech soared. Much of the market had a HRC victory priced in and these gains (or losses) were more likely return to pre-election month prices. ARTX for example.
  2. No mention of bank stocks? How about others that got sliced? Volatility down 20% hmm.
  3. Sorry to say it but there is numerous other factors driving the markets right now than the election. Of course Trump being elected has some impact but I would argue that the FOMC meeting in December or even managers dressing the windows for their end of year investor letters are stronger underlying currents to which the election simply made a splash.
  4. Futures hit limit down the night of the election. Essentially after stock market futures fall 5% a circuit breaker (or so it is called) prevents further decline. 24 hours later everything was as if nothing bad had ever happened.
  5. The only poll with validity was USD/MXN. Smart money closes positions when the news breaks after opening them in the rumor phase.
  6. Again, not a bad analysis, but please, don’t kid yourself and more importantly, don’t confuse the folks on here who think Robinhood is actually free.