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Thanks for the thoughtful comment. The first point is that hermeneutically, many people challenge transferring biblical words or concepts directly into our day, which I think is wise, but I see a lot of people unthinkingly perform that transfer with the term “the poor” without thinking about how problematic it is in concrete terms. Secondly, I am suggesting that the poor people we (Christians) should prioritize are ones that more closely resemble the poor Jesus spoke of in the gospels (and millions of people in the world still unfortunately fit that description). I mention this in the final paragraph. The third point is that it is amazing how successful our economic arrangement has been over the last hundred years in the West, when many of the people we consider poor live more like the kings of old than the poor of days gone by. Overall, I’m calling for perspective in many of the things I write, over against hype, news-driven angst, presentism, lack of historical knowledge in the populace, etc. I want to try to bring clarity to the conversation, because language and the words we use are so important. I’ll try to be more clear upfront next time. Thanks again for the helpful feedback.

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