Building my Extra-curricular Music App
Elliott McNary

Yo dude, this is friggin awesome! Found this through FCC news.

I listen to music constantly just like you but I primarily consume spotify/youtube mixes.

However, soundcloud has all the newest songs and remixes that will never be on Spotify. I didn’t use it a lot because soundcloud just had a clunky UI for extended listening and musical exploring.

Now that I’ve found this, I’m definitely gonna start utilizing soundcloud more often. Thank you!!!

Two suggestions:

  1. I’m on a mac and have tap to click enabled. Sometimes when I go to _click_ on a song to queue it, it registers the tap first and then the click, so the song gets queued twice (annoying, because I have to delete it). But maybe some people want to queue twice! My proposal is that you set a .5 second delay on being able to queue the song again.
  2. I would love to use this to explore other artists, not just my favorites. I would also like to be able to favorite while listening using your app. Perhaps you can add a login functionality and the ability to favorite songs? Not sure if that’s possible with the SC API.

All in all, great work. It serves a useful function and is a godsend for those addicted to music. Keep it up! Keep shipping!

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