Should I Tell My Parents That I Was Sexually Molested? Please Help Me Decide.
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As a 24-year-old male, I might not be the most qualified(?) person to answer your question — or to have any opinion whatsoever on the matter. But, earlier this year, I spoke with somebody close to me who experienced sexual abuse when she was a child. Some of her loved ones had known about it, and most had swept it under the rug (including her mother).

Through speaking with her, I learned that she could only get past what had happened — and all of the proverbial baggage that came with it — by talking about her experience(s). Telling your parents does not make you selfish. But at the same time, you need to understand that it won’t make everything better, either.

After speaking with my aunt and learning about her experiences with rape and sexual abuse, I wrote a series of four articles, which you may benefit from reading. Sometimes, it helps to understand somebody else’s story to get a better grasp on your own situation. This is the first one:

Since deciding to share her story and be open about her experiences, my aunt has thrived in support groups and even started one of her own. If you’d like to contact her for advice or support — or if you just want someone to talk to — I’d be happy to connect you with her.

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