This paycheck would be granted to all citizens unconditionally, and its name is universal basic income
Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines
Scott Santens

Why is the paycheck not granted to the owners and creators of such fantastical machines that are able to take on all labor in the world? Surely they deserve rewards for their efforts?

I personally think that stance is ridiculous, but our system of incentives is currently set up to reward people in that way. Your argument jumps too rapidly from technological progress into basic income as a safety net solution. It does nothing to dissuade those who seek to reap personal benefits from continuing to assimilate massive amounts of wealth by buying and deploying these technologies.

Basic income is a noble ideal and I fully support it, but your argument of cognitive technological progress doesn’t necessitate it. Even without generalized machine intelligence, basic income can become a sound social and economic principle, but I haven’t seen you lay out any solid arguments for it in this piece.

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