I honestly believe that the NRA and most of its members have all been in that “supermarket”…
Jon Stokes

“loners and people who can’t convince some minimum number of law-abiding citizens to both vouch for their character and to put a little of their own skin behind that endorsement shouldn’t be able to touch a gun under any circumstances.”

Actually, this might have some legs. We need people to vouch for us on a passport application, so why not a “buddy system” that vouches for gun owners.

Though I was snarky in my previous posts to your original article, I hope that we can all get some new ideas like this in the mix.

However, what would you do to prevent essentially “terrorist factions” of individuals from vouching for each-other? Perhaps the County Sheriff could vouch for at least one member in the group?

Also, one glaring criticism of your proposal lies in getting the “gun industry” to play along. Have you read about Marion Hammer of the NRA and her tactics in Florida?

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