Get Flywheel? Yes, Please!

Build, launch, get paid, repeat. This is the reason I have started using FlyWheel’s managed wordpress hosting services. One of the major pain points I had increasingly experienced in the past with my clients was the headaches of shared hosting. We all know the drill. As a developer or designer we would spend hours crafting a beautiful website on the Wordpress platform on our local machines, then after all of the testing was complete we would transfer over to our personal web hosting account to demo to the client, and if all went well they would proclaim with enthusiasm “Great! We love it, let’s launch!”. So you would again, migrate the website over to one of the many shared hosting providers. The world would rejoice in song and life was great. And then! One month later, your client would ring you up at 6:01 pm in a panic stricken moment of despair, and you would hear the dreaded phrase: “My site has adds for viagra on it, and it also says; Parse error something something you eff’ed up fix it right now”. Ughh! You took all the necessary precautions, but somehow an out of date plugin slipped through the cracks leaving a gaping whole the size of the Grand Canyon open for a mySQL injection. So you spend a sleepless night going through the code to delete all of the infected files. It was horror!

After having the above story happen, I decided it was time to streamline my process. After spending a few days test driving some of the major managed Wordpress hosting providers, I settled on FlyWheel and their amazing customer and technical support. For a few dollars more than a shared hosting account, I am now able to build, test, deploy and transfer the billing over to my client (and even get a commission!) on one single platform. Not only have I found the process simple. They also provide amazing features to further increase the cost effectiveness of using their managed platform.

Six reasons why I have moved over to Flywheel and never looked back!

  1. Hands Off, Managed Hosting
    Upgrades, security, migrations. Everything is taken care of by their top notch experts. This saves you tons of money, time, and resources.
  2. Dedicated Resources
    You get your own dedicated VPS, unlike shared hosting, which is just that: a shared server, tied to a bunch of other sites that could contain malware, performance issues etc.
  3. It’s Ridiculously Fast!
    No, like really fast! Flywheel tunes their servers for optimal Wordpress performance. Did I mention it also includes caching? No more pesky plugins.
  4. Top Notch Security
    Flywheel is on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and will proactively block threats whenever they can. And IF (and that’s a big “if”!) your site is somehow compromised, they’ll fix it for free.
  5. They’ve Got My Back!
    With Flywheel, you have the best support around via live chat, phone, or email. Their experts are always available when I need them and always friendly.
  6. It’s Simple
    Their platform is built to create a better workflow between my clients and myself. For example: I can transfer the billing to them (without sharing passwords or credit card info)! Perfect!

Make your life easier and get on over to FlyWheel and check out their services.

Entrepreneur. Front End Developer and UI Designer. Co-founder of @crooveeapp.

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