9 habits that Millennials and Gen-Z should drop IMMEDIATELY.

We live in a time where stoicism, discipline, and alternate ways of thinking are either under attack, or rarely appreciated at best. Here are 10 myths deconstructed from a philosophical perspective.

  1. The 20–30k car is “affordable” when put on monthly payments- With the average college student at higher levels of student loan debt than ever, why the f**** are so many kids running around in fancy Camaros and BMW’s? Draining $3–$600 of your monthly income is priming at best for a thinner savings account. At worst, you are now confined to require consistent employment, loss of financial freedom, and no longer have an “out”. A kid in his early 20’s that does not have a car note now has surplus money for better quality food, entertainment, investment and savings. Buy a two thousand dollar beater, get to point A to B. If you are feeling luxurious, maybe go for the more reliable 5–$8k car that you can reliably get 50–100K miles out of with minimal maintenance. Think reliable Japanese cars- Toyota corolla, lexus, etc.
  2. I need to do something entertaining every weekend. Put the joint or the drink down, read up, study up, or find something fulfilling for you that doesn’t require an expensive bar tab or financially draining excursion. As the savings pile up (especially from rule 1) you will recognize the significance of these funds, and are more likely to plan your financial future.
  3. Drastic reduction or re-tooling of social media. You’ve heard this one before, many times. Instagram has far too many men and women showing you what they’ve bought, what they’ve done, or how they look. Twitter is full of people from both sides of political and ideological extreme in this country spouting endless dribble. Far too many young people who use these platforms have insecurity with the way they look, what they have or earn. It is PARAMOUNT that you formulate your own opinions and ideals on how the world, country and society operates at a given time. You cannot and will not be respected by open minded individuals if you are parroting information that has only 10 minutes of back story or research. In debate, or discussion of topics, you will either deduced to arguing emotionally, or will start stammering as your scope of knowledge is extremely limited. Put the phone down, the media down, and read an authors long form writing… a book. Not only will you increase your focus and comprehension of your language, you will now have a much larger neural network of understanding on a given topic. MAKE THESE PLATFORMS WORK FOR YOU. Follow artists, philosophers, economists, nutritionists- find substantive people to fill your media with, and you will have consistent knowledge and tools in bite sized pieces.
  4. Worrying too much about how you are perceived. Eating whole foods, reading books, saving money, putting the phone down- these are foreign topics to many people in an ever globalized world where people are willing to commoditize sacred things. Have firm opinion- and back it up with solid logic and reasoning. Learn to stand up straight both mentally and physically, and argue your points with sound logic. Do not become arrogant or aloof. Steelman your internal thinking- bolster your own argument, yet, actively work against it to see if you have any chinks in your own intellectual armor. This prevents you from sputtering out when you have strong opinion on something- the further you root your thinking, the better you need to understand it and be able to respect it yourself.
  5. Get comfortable being alone. The business you want to create, the hobbies you want to perfect? At any proficient level of craft, you will need time to yourself to visualize and execute your desires in this world. How does a creative, a philosopher, or an artist gain a vision without having the mental landscape to ponder? This may be difficult for many- especially in an always “on” society where we are constantly connected by digital devices. If you struggle with this, be alone for as much time as comfortably possible. Think about why you desire contact at all times.
  6. Sunlight. Sunlight is essentially at a cellular level- our mitochondria depend on it, our eyes synthesize Vitamin D with sunlight (along with our skin). It aids in combatting depression, allows for increased energy and mood. And, in my opinion, is the best place to be for meditative practice. We are increasingly being told my media and society that sunlight is cancerous, harmful. Maybe, if you are outside for 9 hours a day. But to act as if we do not need a minimum of an hour of sunlight per day should literally be perceived as a war on your biological health. Try growing crops and animals without sunlight.
  7. Eat whole foods, wake and sleep at the same time. When you step into a grocery store, the overwhelming majority of products are owned by 4 different parent companies. Toxic, hydrogenated oils, refined high fructose corn syrup, nutrient stripped “grains” line the shelves everywhere. Make your health and your life easier- skip every aisle except for those that contain meat and vegetables. Buy the highest quality protein and vegetable you can afford. Fruits are OK- just don’t overconsume the fructose. Sugar is legitimately a neurotoxin- avoid it like the plague.
  8. Get OFF the phone. I went to a new sauna the other day… music blasting out a guys Airpods. Another played his music out loud on his phone. A 3rd wouldn’t put his phone down. The 4th kept going back and forth texting, and had his ringer on… I could hear every character he typed. The sauna is a sacred place to sweat it out, breath deep, and think within. Put the phone down, and you will learn to have the discipline not to violate a sauna, walk and feel the breeze, and go to dinner without being on your phone constantly. The people I hang out with, if we are on excursions and their phone is out for 70% of the time… well, I don’t know them anymore. Full stop. I used to have DEBILITATING levels of anxiety and agoraphobia (fear of stepping out of my house) and I was able to eliminate the comfort/impulse response of constantly being on the phone. It makes you stronger, not weaker, to enact these practices. If I could do it, I promise that you can.

9. Cut out the bullshit. This is an overarching and vague rule- but it is essential. Are you beating your meat too much? Are you overspending, over using recreational substances? Hell, it can be something as large as a credit card spiraling you into debt, or something seeming insignificant such as drinking too much coffee per day and over-spiking your adrenal glands. Meditate. Learn who you are, what you want in life, and what to improve on. Tune your inner self to recognize when things are trending downwards. Aim to be 1% better every day, and never allow yourself to become 1% worse. The positive or negative you focus on in your daily life will COMPOUND. Daily discipline and habits will supercharge you. Poor daily habits such as shitty food, sleep, can DESTROY you equally. Don’t be like me, you don’t need to take half a decade of your youthful years to recognize this. The further you dig your own hole, the better you will need to become at climbing out of it.

BONUS: be adventurous. How did man find arable land for crops? A steady water supply? A mate to re-produce with? By discovery, expanding into the vast unknown. It is essential to our being, our very core, to seek discomfort, as much as we can handle in our daily lives. Without it, you are not living. You are simply doing the same cycle of activity every day, likely with much less thought as to why. Network with people. Build new relationships, strengthen existing ones. Travel. Jump out of an airplane… do anything that puts you outside of the comfort zone. I have done drugs, yet none of them come close to the natural high of doing something I feared, and getting a good result. The best part- when you succeed in pushing yourself, it opens the flood gates to discovery of self. Ask any older person stuck at a dead end job if they pushed themselves to experience new things. (Barring any neglect, mental health issues, etc. I bet that they will exclaim that if they only expanded their world, they wouldn’t be so trapped)

That’s all. Stream of conscious writing for about 30 minutes.



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