When Your Pastor Lies To Your Face For Five Years
Andy Traub

Thanks for sharing Andy! I’m a pastor and went through a similar situation. I had to confront the Senior Pastor for ripping off sermons. Come to find out the pastor was burned out and had no one to talk to. When I became a Lead Pastor I vowed to live as an open book. People can look at our finances. See our marriage and parenting. I live among the people and confess my sins often. Try to rest and take breaks for longevity. In seminary this is a no no. You can’t have friends in the church they say. You have to do everything and never say no. Well, I’m willing to get fired if confession and living above reproach is unwarranted. Pastors are living with such burdens to be awesome and average is shunned. Don’t give up on the Christ who died for his incomplete bride. He loves his church and is not done with her yet. I will pray for you, your family, and church family for healing and peace. Appreciate all you do and writing this piece. It’s an important conversation even for one in the trenches. Grace and Peace.