What were the real results, though?
Stuart of Vacord

Hi Stuart

Thanks for your comment and for reading my post. From that point of view, nothing happened. The impact of my writing was on me, personally, internally.

The publication had gained a few followers by the time I closed it down. Six or so. And originally I did think that this project was going to be a hit with readers, and my publication would blow up. But, no one cared.

I realised after that that wasn’t really the point of daily writing and the impact was greater than that.

The routine of writing and publishing had opened me up as a writer. It was such an amazing experience.

Daily writing was painful at first and again at times, but for months after I found I was able to write with so much more clarity, express my ideas quicker on a page and write without fear. Well, not without fear completely but while sitting much more comfortably with the fear that comes so naturally along with putting your heart and soul on a page and saying to the world “hi, I wrote this, would you like to come and read it?”.

Even right now for example: I woke up at around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep so thought I’d read. I opened the Medium app on my phone and noticed your comment. I’m writing this response straight into the app on my phone and I’ll press ‘post’ at the end without hesitation. Before this project I would have drafted this response privately before sending it.

For your business, you’ll need to write and publish daily for much longer than a month to make a real impact; to gain readers and followers who you can serve through your words; and who care about what you care enough about to put on a page.

Whether that requires writing and publishing daily or not I’m not sure, that’s up to you, but you’ll need to do it for a long time before you get a real response from readers. At least in my opinion and experience. You should definitely do it though!!

I’ve turned my daily writing habit into a daily journaling habit. It’s not quite the same. It’s private and doesn’t include the full expression of ideas that this project allowed me (I do the 5 minute journal). But it’s still really helpful for me. As a writer and a human.

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