Almost three years ago to the day, Accel led the Series A in Narvar, the premium post-purchase customer engagement platform. At the time, the concept of establishing a post-purchase relationship was still relatively new — and needless to say, widely neglected. Most companies focused their efforts on customer acquisition and conversion and would sever the relationship with the customer as soon as they hit “buy.”

Shipping, returns, and communications were outsourced to outside vendors instead of being viewed as strategic opportunities to create customer loyalty. But with the meteoric rise of Amazon Prime and its two-day free shipping policy, that…

Today, we’re sharing that we led the $5 million Series A into Transit, a mobile service that simplifies the commute in over 135 metro areas around the world.

(From left to right): Jake Sion, COO; Sam Vermette, Co-founder & CEO & Guillaume Campagna, Co-founder & CTO

Mobile phones have completely transformed how we handle getting from point A to point B. These always-connected devices give us access to all sorts of different services like map-based navigation, on-demand transportation, and real-time public transit information. This “democratization of transportation” means it’s possible to peruse a bunch of information to choose the mode of travel that works best for you, for your budget, at any given moment in time.

But just…

I’d like to introduce Jack Krawczyk, formerly the VP of Product at Pandora, as the latest Accel entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR).

Jack at Pandora. Photo credit: Michael Macor / The San Francisco Chronicle

Accel’s EIR program is designed to provide great talents with the resources and network to create great companies. This role allows people like Jack to work closely with Accel’s team and people in our broader network to refine ideas and themes and turn them into viable businesses.

Former Accel EIRs include Braintree and Venmo CEO Bill Ready, Cloudera founders Jeff Hammerbacher and Amr Awadallah, former Google Compute Engine lead architect and Kubernetes project initiator, Joe Beda, and MoPub co-founder and CEO…

Hat tip to Creator, Adrian Walker and VSCO for this amazing photo.

We’re (finally) on a Flight to Quality

Browse the homepage at VICE or Vox, and it’s hard to remember where web media stood just five years ago (some of us may have chosen to block it out completely). Online content is on as steep a slope as we’ve seen, driven by quality-conscious platforms putting users above clicks. And these platforms are capturing real attention. With VSCO, Medium, Vox, VICE and Buzzfeed, today’s digital natives are embracing a slate of media brands that didn’t exist even a few years ago. These startups are showing that authentic creators, and strong production value, can capably lift content above the noise…

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